About Hannah

Hi, I'm Hannah. I'm the Creative Ops Manager here at Cultura, which means I responsible for the smooth running of day-to-day activities and ensuring your imagery meets the industry standard. I'm the main point of contact should you have any legal or technical questions too. Putting you first is my top priority so if you have any concerns or need help, I'm only an email away.


I have an Honours Degree in Photography, from back in the day of film cameras. I am also working towards a certificate in Psychodynamic Counselling. Before the pandemic I liked to go outside, my favourite trip was a 7-day polar endurance expedition in the Arctic. I camped outside in -28 degrees and got to tick the northern lights off my bucket list.


Now that I have more indoor time you can find me reading (or binging Netflix). I'm a big fan of James Baldwin, he's a beautiful writer and articulate speaker, and his words, his beliefs, even from 60 years ago are more poignant than ever.


So that's me! If you're bored, need some help or just want to say hello you can reach me at: hannah.zeffert@culturacreative.com



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