About Keshida

Hello, I am Keshida Layone and I am Head of Content in the USA. My role is to locate the most talented Photographers, Videographers, and Illustrators in the US and I am on the hunt for talented individuals from the BIPOC culture.  My mission is to bring the most outrageously gifted men and women to the forefront on our Cultura Creative site.

My background has involved working for companies such as Conde Nast where I was Senior Content Director licensing photography, illustrations, and cartoons for major corporates in the publishing and the advertising sector with clients such as Ernst &Young, McGarry Bowen, Laurence King Publishing, Allure and Essence Magazine I have also worked and managed Illustrators, Typographers, Fine Artist, and CGI Designers internationally.

I am also a Mixed Media Abstract artist and have exhibited my work worldwide online.

One of my favorite African American inspirations is Harriet Tubman. Her thirst of freedom was to die for.  What she endured for her own freedom is not only inspirational but seems superhuman to do not once but over 10 times by any means necessary save her people from the horrific hands of slavery. She was relentless and as they called her an Underground Railroad Conductor. With delicacy she led the hands of tiny babies and elders down dark waters and through pitch black forests to the light of freedom.

You can reach me at keshida.layone@culturacreative.com


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