Kimani Howell is a portrait, fashion photographer born and raised in Brooklyn NY.

After growing up in Brooklyn, Kimani realized he wanted to follow a life of service which lead him to join the United States Marine Corps for a glorious and meaningful 5 yrs of his early life. Kimani deployed to Afghanistan, traveled across the country and eventually ended up back in Brooklyn, NY and became a Fire Fighter in the City of New York. The love for photography stemmed from the same drive he received from being in service to his country. Being able to capture meaningful moments of people and highlighting them in such a way that the product becomes a unique work of art. Kimani is not new to being a creative though, his creative journey began when he first picked up the African drum formally known as the Djembe, was a drummer in a heavy metal band call "Still Starving" and picked up electronic beat making. Photography became a way to vent, heal and better understand himself. It's a thrill that cannot be shook. A image is not just an image, it's a feeling, a glimpse into what someone is feeling in that current moment. "I don't take pictures, I make images that tell a story and can evoke a sense of pride and power in an individual."


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