About Tamsin

Hello, I am Tamsin and work across the creative comms departments.

I love working with and meeting new people. Communicating and building relationships are two of my key skills! My most favourite recent work accomplishment was flying out to Sardinia as creative director for one of our brand assignment jobs. I like being thrown into the deep end for projects that are exciting and daunting but also successful and rewarding. My father was born in Assam, India and I am part of a large diverse blended family and would like to see more diversity celebrated in imagery to promote a world I know and love.

Sam Cooke is an inspiration to me, his music has been part of my life since I can remember: Cupid, was the first dance at my wedding. He was a breakthrough artist in that he transcended from gospel, blues and soul to pop music genres, and most importantly, paved the way for the civil rights movement in the 50’s up to his untimely death. His music had heart and soul and the lyrics to “A change is gonna come” are as relevant today as when the song was released in 1964.

I can be reached at: Tamsin.ward-lush@culturacreative.com


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