About Will

Hello – I am the Post Production manager here and focus primarily on the video side of things.

I have grown up surrounded by Art but also have a passion for Tech and studied 3D animation before starting work on video games and tv shows. However, it is my love for films that encouraged me to focus on post production. I have had both freelance and post production house experience working on music videos, films, and adverts before I joined Image Source where I continue to do what I love. I edit, grade, and retouch videos along with reviewing submitted clips. I do both production and post production and I always have fun being on a production set but the best part for me comes after when I’m able to see all the footage that we’ve worked so hard on and piecing them together.

Outside of work I have several hobbies that keep me occupied. Pre Pandemic - my favourite was travel throughout Europe and America to ski. Back in the UK, I entertain myself by watching films, taking pictures, reading books, or playing video games. Computers have always been a passion of mine and if I’m not gaming with my friends, I’m either tinkering with my computers or helping someone with theirs.

Reach me at William.oxlade@culturacreative.com


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