Hello! I'm Yasmine. I'm an illustrator and designer currently based in West London.

I am originally Iraqi/Palestinian, and have lived in Jordan my whole life. I moved to Britain to do a degree in Illustration, which I have recently graduated from. My work celebrates Islamic and Middle eastern culture through collage, calligraphy and abstraction. Being an Arab Muslim woman, and moving abroad, I have always found myself on a cultural tightrope. I have felt too Eastern for the West and too Western for the East. My work in a way, has helped me navigate and develop my sense of self between these two worlds. It has, and continues to shape my fondness of Islamic culture and womanhood. It is a celebration of what I am and where I am from. In it you will see a love of making. I am passionate about storytelling, which makes what I do much more than a job for me.


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