About Us

We have launched Cultura to celebrate diversity in our world. Cultura is part of the Image Source group, an agency that has generated more than 5 million stock licenses since we first opened our doors in 1999, having provided the imagery for some of the biggest advertising campaigns of the last 20 years. Our passionate team continually reinvent and keep ahead of visual trends ensuring that our imagery delivers the best in visual communication.

We understand that images should be believable, authentic, and reflect the diverse world in which we live: our collection is people based, focusing on the human story, lifestyle, business, sports and leisure. Not only are we keen to show images of people from diverse backgrounds but we are keen to promote and encourage stock creators from BIPOC background behind the camera.

BIPOC Photographers and Videographers are massively under-represented in the stock licensing industry. Our goal is to recruit, support and develop creators from diverse backgrounds. It is our intention to be the change we want to see in the stock photography industry and to inspire an entire eco-system, making a commitment to work not only with BIPOC Photographers, Videographers and Illustrators but to work with make-up artists, stylists, producers and editors from the BIPOC community in creating an entirely inclusive premium stock collection.

If you are in the market for conceptual imagery or content that does not feature people we also have a wide selection of  travel, sustainability, animals and food imagery from around the world. Registration at Cultura Creative also gives you access to the content on our sister agency Image Source at www.imagesource.com or at our Stock Video site at www.footage.co.uk


A word from our Founder, Christina Vaughan

As CEO of Cultura Creative, I have always sought to be inclusive and build a business on meritocracy and as such, our business is one that celebrates diversity and champions equality. My mother was from the indigenous Hmar tribe of Mizoram in North East India and my father part Burmese, part Irish and part Portuguese. I was the very first non-American to be elected to the DMLA Board in America and the very first woman and of colour to be President of CEPIC, the stock industry’s trade body. In my 30 year career, I have rarely seen people who look like me in this industry but 2020 was a pivotal year and finally the time has come to be the change we want to see in our industry.

We have launched Cultura Creative to advocate change, champion and support diversity and in particular to encourage more people of colour to become photographers, videographers and illustrators and to work in the creative commercial stock industry. Our team is a diverse one and we are uniquely positioned to channel our knowledge and expertise to ensure that stock photography represents the world we want to live in, promoting diversity in gender, race, colour, sexuality and accessibility.


Meet the Team


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